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75 years strong


2022 marked the 75th Anniversary of Falls Creek, celebrating over 7 decades of Alpine Life. .


From humble beginnings with the first ski lodge Skyline, evolving to what is now a vibrant European-style ski village that attracts thousands of snow enthusiasts of all abilities each winter season, Falls Creek is now a thriving all season resort. 


It was the adventurous curiosity and intrepid spirit of like-minded State Electricity Commission (SEC) staff including Ray Meyer, the chief surveyor of the Kiewa Hydro-Electric Scheme, who recognised the skiing potential of the snow-covered high plains. 


The six SEC employees Toni St Elmo, Ray Meyer, Jack Minogue, Lloyd Dunn, Adrian Ruffenacht and Dave Gibson (together with their families) banded together to secretly build a 'hut' that was the first ski lodge at Falls Creek.


Using a road built in 1930's to gain access to Falls Creek the hut project was quite a bold move and was carried out in secret owing to earlier efforts by other skiers being stymied by HHC Williams - the engineer in charge of the Hydro Scheme.


To honour the celebration the Falls Creek Arts and Heritage Trail has been added to the Falls UserGuide (  The trail is your digital guide to exploring Falls Creek.  There are 6 stepping stones along the trail where you can look around and take in the stories of the village landscape.  The guides for the trail are the students of our very own Falls Creek Primary School who call Falls Creek home all year round.  Bookmark the UserGuide to your home screen for direct access to this amazing product.   The Historical Society would like to thank The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal for their support with a grant to deliver this project, the Falls Creek tennis and Social Club for their financial support, the children of the primary school and to Resort Management. 

Take a look at the outstanding sculpture by MDW located at the Gully Chairlift  commemorating this amazing time in the villages life.


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