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We are so excited to announce the launch of the Falls Creek Arts and Heritage Trail on the Falls User Guide. We have had the pleasure of celebrating 70 years of village life at Falls Creek in 2017. The Arts and Heritage Walk is your digital guide to exploring Falls Creek. There are 6 stepping stones along the trail where you can look around and take in the stories of the village landscape. The guides for the trail are the students of our very own Falls Creek Primary School. Bookmark the UserGuide to your home screen for direct access to this amazing product. Many thanks go to The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal for their support with a grant, the Falls Creek tennis and Social Club for their financial support, the children of the primary school and to Resort Management. Big thanks also go to Nature Tourism for your expertise. Take a look at the flyer attached for directions on how to use the guide, put it on your phone or tablet and enjoy Falls Creek through photo, video and narrative.paragraph. 


Valid 3 April to 5 April 2020